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Update: 15 12 2014
Polemik Trijaya FM - The Jakarta Post

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Headlines | Fri, July 30 2010, 9:33 AM

Politics, press cons get
new home

Small cafes or restaurants have become increasingly popular among people coming together to discuss pertinent social and political issues.

Anything from radio talk shows to press conferences find the relaxed ambiance of cafes and restaurants more attractive than the hotel conference rooms and office halls of yesteryear.

“We want to make a program that presents serious topics in a lighter situation. That’s the reason when we created talk show, Polemik, with a cafe as the setting instead of our studio,” said Eddy Koko, the producer of the talk show on Trijaya FM.

Eddy said since its launch in 2002, the program was run live outside the conventional studio concept.
The show has been broadcast from a number of cafes since its inception, and has been at the same cafe in Central Jakarta since 2006.

“It’s an effective way to make the show more accessible. Also, being broadcast on Saturdays means guests dress more casually,” he said.

Emerson Yuntho from Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) said they often used cafes and restaurants to hold press briefings.

Emerson said that some donors to the organization had requested they find a comfortable setting to hold briefings so that more journalists might attend.

“Discussions at cafes can make the forum lighter even though topic of our discussion is quite difficult,” he said.

He added that more journalists would attend discussions held at cafes near the city’s major centers rather than at ICW headquarters in Kalibata, South Jakarta.

Hariyanto, the owner of the cafe that hosts the Polemik talk show, said the trend of discussions or press conferences shifting to cafes and restaurants had increased in the last four years.

He said he provided his place as a setting for the talk show because he thought it was important that people learned about political issues. And because it’s good for business.

“The more my place become a venue for a talk show or press conference the more it improves the image of my restaurant,” he said.

He added that the niche market for his restaurant had became more segmented.

“Some politicians now frequent my restaurant after finding out we host [the show]. In 2009, they  were here almost everyday for political discussions [related to general elections],” he said.

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